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Wheeling Heritage Media

WHM (Black_Blue)

Wheeling Heritage Media, a subsidiary of Wheeling Heritage, creates a variety of multimedia experiences in order to tell Wheeling’s story, both past and present. Through videos, podcasts, photos, and more, we create content and provide digital access to help more people feel connected and engaged with this vibrant, growing community.

Telling Our Story

Wheeling Heritage Media’s goal is to document, contextualize, and amplify the most important stories happening in the Wheeling area. We spotlight small business owners, document building redevelopment projects, capture several local cultural celebrations and events, share interesting stories from Wheeling’s past, and so much more.

Much of this work is showcased on Weelunk, a nonprofit online magazine in the Wheeling Heritage family. Weelunk shares stories and content that allows visitors to see themselves and feel connected to our collective culture.

drone photography by Wheeling Heritage Media

See Our Work

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Meet Our Team

Dillon Richardson Wheeling Heritage Media

Dillon Richardson

Digital Content Specialist


Dillon Richardson hails from Moundsville, West Virginia, and he has always been involved and engaged in the Wheeling community. He attended West Liberty University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Design. Read Dillon’s full bio.

Johnathon Porter Wheeling Heritage Media

Johnathon Porter

Digital Content Specialist


Johnathon Porter grew up just a short drive away in Flushing, Ohio, before moving to Wheeling. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Production from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Read Johnathon’s full bio.