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Our Staff & Board

Our Staff & Board

The Wheeling Heritage staff has unique knowledge of downtown revitalization and sustainable historic rehabilitation.
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Scott Schenerlein

Executive Director

Scott Schenerlein was born and raised in Wheeling and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from West Liberty University. He previously served as the director of catering at Oglebay Resort and Conference Center where he gained over 25 years of experience in management, budgeting, revenue generation and relationship-building.

As the executive director for Wheeling Heritage, Scott provides strategic leadership and oversees all aspects of the organization’s day-to-day operations.

I’ve always remarked ‘I work in the past, present and future’. The same holds true for our work here at Wheeling Heritage. There is no better feeling than contributing to the preservation, education and development of the place you call home.”

Amy Karrasch joined the Wheeling Heritage team in November of 2023 as the Communications and Development Manager. A proud Wheeling native and Wheeling Jesuit University alumna, Amy resides in Wheeling with her husband and two children. Prior to working at Wheeling Heritage, she worked at Oglebay. Amy is responsible for our media contact and developing relationships with the community, partners, and businesses.

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Amy Karrasch

Communications and Development Manager

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Johnathon Porter

Digital Content Specialist

Johnathon Porter grew up just a short drive away in Flushing, Ohio, before moving to Wheeling. In 2019, he joined Wheeling Heritage as a Digital Content Specialist. He has a Bachelor of Science in music production from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. After graduating, he and Dillon Richardson co-founded a media production company that provided video and audio services to several organizations around the Ohio Valley.

Johnathon is part of the Wheeling Heritage Media team, which creates videos, podcasts, photos and other multimedia, as well as manages content on our online magazine, Weelunk.

It’s only fitting that a city with such compelling history has such a promising future. Wheeling continues to become a place of liveliness and opportunity. Our work helps the community stay connected.”

Dillon Richardson joined Wheeling Heritage in 2019 to extend the organization’s reach through the use of multimedia. Growing up in Moundsville, West Virginia, he has always been involved and engaged in the Wheeling community. He attended West Liberty University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in digital media design. After graduating, he co-founded a media production company with our other digital content specialist, Johnathon Porter.

Dillon is part of the Wheeling Heritage Media team, which creates videos, podcasts, photos and other multimedia, as well as manages content on our online magazine, Weelunk.

Our goal isn’t to just teach why Wheeling’s history is important. Our goal is to provide the resources and opportunities for the community to discover what that history means to them.”

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Dillon Richardson

Digital Content Specialist


Walker Holloway – Chair

Ellen Gano – Vice Chair

Nick Musgrave – Secretary

Natalie Hamilton – Treasurer

Missy Ashmore

Art Burnside

Doug Carl

Dean Connors

Patti Kota

Valerie Piko

Jessica Barclay

Zahra Mohebbi, Ph.D.

DeMarr Moulton

Don Nickerson

Frank O’Brien

Patrick Cassidy, Emeritus

Jack Fahey, Emeritus

G. Randolph Worls, Emeritus

Larry Jones, Ed.D, Emeritus