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Grants & Investments

Grants & Investments

We invest in our community through Program-Related Investment (PRIs) and Partnership Grants. While only one of these provides a capital return, both are investments in Wheeling’s revitalization. PRIs provide capital to help us continue our work, while Partnership Grants help to fund important projects in our community, leading to a more vibrant city.

Partnership Grants

By funding festivals that celebrate our heritage to novel ideas that help make Wheeling a better place, our Partnership Grants encourage organizations to grow. This funding of up to $1,000 provides community leaders the capacity to run a successful project. Our grant program provides funding to projects in five sectors: Preservation & Interpretation, Arts, Community Development, Recreation, and Fairs & Festivals. We typically award 20-25 grants each year to local initiatives that enhance those themes in our community. Follow the link below to see examples of past recipients or apply for a grant.

Program-Related Investments

As a means of preserving Wheeling’s incredible built environment, Wheeling Heritage continues to make program-related investments (PRI) in historic buildings. These investments, including many Landmark Investments, are linchpins in preserving these structures and giving them hope for redevelopment. To ensure more preservation projects are possible and progressing, we continue to seek PRIs. With this forward-looking tool, we can provide necessary capital through local investments that provide a return and advance our community.

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