Design Guidelines Assistance

Wheeling is one of over 2,000 communities in America that has enacted measures to preserve and protect its historic resources.

Wheeling’s Design Guidelines were created by a committee formed by Wheeling Heritage. The guidelines outline the practical methods for building rehabilitation and new construction, which are essential to preserving a historic area’s sense of time and place.

In Wheeling neighborhoods that have implemented these design guidelines, property owners are eligible for the city’s Facade Improvement Program. This program reimburses property owners up to $15,000 for exterior renovations.

Who benefits from Design Guidelines?

Property Owners

Maintaining historic districts and using the design guidelines helps to discourage inappropriate new construction, misguided remodeling or demolition. Zoning and the use of design guidelines generally stabilize or increase property values. Following the guidelines helps not only existing residents but it also often attracts new buyers.

The City

These guidelines are part of overall citywide efforts to promote and improve the downtown and quality of life. Revitalization of the downtown historic area increases the city’s tax base and promotes economic development.

The Downtown

Wheeling’s downtown historic area contains an excellent collection of historic buildings from the 19th and early 20th centuries. A large percentage of these buildings retain their original architectural character. Design guidelines assist in the preservation and maintenance of the unique appearance of the downtown.


If you have questions about the design guidelines or their interpretation, contact us for assistance.

Wheeling Heritage also offers Design Services through our Main Street program. Downtown and Centre Market business owners can schedule an appointment to receive free design assistance, including facade improvement recommendations and renderings.