Help shape your community.

Vote for public art!

Vote on your favorite mural to be installed in Kossuth Park! 

The artist with the most votes will create and display their art at this gateway into Wheeling.

Not only will community members vote on the mural, but you will also have the chance to participate in its creation. The project will have a community involvement aspect, such as a paint by numbers section or designated section to be painted by the community, as decided upon by the artist and explained below.

For more information, read the full application.

Choose one of the four murals below. 

Keep in mind that the goal of this art installation is to serve as a welcome to Wheeling,
instill pride in the community, engage the citizenry, and interweave the arts and culture into the utilization of public space.


Amanda Carney

What is your design about?

I like illustrating life in my work, while also being playful with color. To me, deer are symbolic of Wheeling, a place where nature and city often (sometimes literally) collide. I like to illustrate deer as symbolic, almost otherworldly, and often with strange decoration. This particular design features the grand antlers of a buck holding up one of Wheeling’s most recognizable symbols, the suspension bridge.

How will you involve the community?

The other murals that I have painted all had an aspect of community involvement, and I have learned how to prep a design so that anyone with little to no painting experience can help bring a fully finished artwork to life. I love working with community volunteers and being a part of the art making process with others. If chosen to create this piece, I can direct any number of volunteers to help with the priming and painting.


Mimi Albon

What is your design about?

My design for the Kossuth Park depicts the city of Wheeling but in a whimsical matter. On the left side is the more industrial side of Wheeling, with cars, big buildings, etc. On the right is the residential area showing the natural side of Wheeling with trees and animals. Dividing the two is the Ohio river with the Fort Henry Bridge connecting the two sides.

How will you involve the community?

The light blue areas such as the cars and animals will be made by local elementary students. I will ask the students to draw their ideas and I will use it as a reference to paint it onto the mural.


Samuel Starkey

What is your design about?

I would like to immortalize the horse of Samuel McColloch, a creature so brave and fearless that it leaped 300 feet to save the life of his companion fearlessly. That type of camaraderie is something I feel the whole world needs more of and I would love to Illustrate that, especially since it happened in Wheeling, WV.

How will you involve the community?

I want to engage the community to help with the background creation of the piece and share a couple of techniques and secrets I use to create a majority of my art.


Sherrie Mestrovic

What is your design about?

This “Welcome to Wheeling” canvas highlights eight iconic Wheeling landmarks in the vintage postcard lettering style. Our Historic National Landmark, the Wheeling Suspension Bridge, is shown at the foreground of the painting with a barge passing underneath and rolling hills in the periphery. The eight iconic landmarks are the Capitol Theatre, Centre Market, Mingo Indian, Mail Pouch Tobacco, Madonna of the Trail, National Road Mile Marker, Oglebay Mansion, and Independence Hall.

How will you involve the community?

For the civic engagement requirement, I would like to invite volunteers to my art studio to paint the background and rudimentary elements of the vintage Wheeling lettering. Volunteer days will be scheduled and promoted through media outlets in partnership with Wheeling Heritage.