Wheeling Ethnic Groups

German - dancers The German Story
The “Bone and Sinew” of Wheeling
Jewish_V1The Jewish Story
Our First Entrepreneurs
Polish -  st lads ChurchThe Polish Story
Hearty Souls in a New Land
Irish DancersThe Irish Story
The Builders of Our City
African-American (2)The African American Story
Exiles from the South in Search of the Promised Land
Slav - Ukrainian ChurchThe Slav Story
Wheeling’s Eastern Intrigue
Lebanese Festival 2The Lebanese Story
Familiar Faces from a Far Land
Greek FestThe Greek Story
“Greektown” on the Shores of the Ohio
Scots-Irish - Pittsburgh Scottish Country DancerThe Scots-Irish Story
The Underlying Fabric of Our Area

The Wheeling Ethnic Groups Stories have been provided by In Wheeling Magazine.

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