Cemeteries of Ohio County Book-1

The Cemeteries of Ohio County, West Virginia
By: Glenna Dillon

This publication explores the cemeteries in Ohio County, West Virginia.  The contents were garnered from personal visits to cemeteries, information provided by family members and genealogical society members, and articles contained in various publications on file in The Wheeling Room of the Ohio County Public Library.  The purpose is to consolidate all this information in one volume rather than various and sundry locations.  Included are both public and private cemeteries, some found and researched that were unknown before the publication of this book.  All history, photos and interment lists are included whenever possible.

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A Company of Boys in Blue – The Civil War through the Eyes of a Soldier
By: Mark Paul

Paul compiled the letters, diary, and memoirs of his great-great grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Orr, who served as a soldier during the Civil War.  A Company of Boys in Blue was his memoir, written at the time of the Company D, 12th West Virginia regiment’s reunion.  Photographs, illustrations, and footnotes were added for clarification to Orr’s words, making this book a rare and fascinating glimpse into the life of an ordinary Civil War soldier.

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It’s Wheeling Steel – The Coast to Coast Celebrated Radio Program
Compiled by the Wheeling Big Band Society

This book has been compiled by the Wheeling Big Band Society, Inc., a non-profit corporation, whose goals are “Preserving, promoting, and perpetuating the music and heritage of the big band swing era, the era of the “Greatest Generation”  and published by the Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation.The society was founded in 1999, incorporated in 2003, and the book, “It’s Wheeling Steel,” from the “Greatest Generation” era, has been one of its projects.  A creation of John Grimes, the Director of Advertising for Wheeling Steel Company, the program was broadcast during a time when radio was the lifeline for Americans.  It was a musical variety program whose participants would be Wheeling Steel employees and their relatives, all amateurs.  Uniquely, it was intended as an advertising tool AND an employee relations tool.  Without a doubt, the program achieved those goals, and became a nationally-celebrated radio program.

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For Mind and Spirit – Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy

There was a time in our history, when education was a relatively rare commodity. In 1848, a modest community along the banks of the upper Ohio River in western Virginia became the location of a school whose prime mission was to educate young women. It was founded by Catholic Nuns from the Order of the Visitation, and was by no means assured of success. However, it did succeed. Providing an education advanced for its time, the school grew and evolved into an institution of national reputation.

In the early years, the school was part of a rural landscape. Farming activities even provided food and a source of revenue to help support the school. As the years passed, the city of Wheeling expanded around the school. However, the “Mount”, as it came to be known, remained a constant. Sitting atop a small hill, the impressive and massive architecture of the building stood as a landmark, not only in appearance, but for the value of the activities within. For 160 years, from its founding in 1848 to 2008, when the last graduating class passed through its doors, generations of young women experienced a place of learning, leadership, and achievement. This documentary is the story of the evolution of an institution and the impact it had on those who entered into its embrace.

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Upper Ohio Valley Historical Review

The Upper Ohio Valley Historical Review was first published in October 1968. Though its first issues were intermittent, it has become a treasured publication and valuable tool for studying and learning about our geographic area. In its forty-two years of publication there have been over one-hundred authors who wrote more than one-hundred and fifty articles.
Wheeling National Heritage Area is continuing the tradition first started by the Wheeling Area Historical Society in 1968, through editing and publishing the Review — the only one of its kind in the northern panhandle of West Virginia that is dedicated solely to local history topics.


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