Funding Guidelines

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It is not the intention of WNHAC to establish elaborate and confining guidelines for the Partnership Grant Program.  The intention is to encourage innovative programs and projects from a variety of applicants.  The program’s purpose is to support projects that strengthen the development of the Wheeling National Heritage Area and its mission.

Pending the Availability of Funds

Mini-Grants of $1,000 or less will be considered monthly.  Applications will be received any day but consideration of funding may not happen until the end of that month. 

The Partnership Grant Program are reviewed by a committee and recommended for funding.  Applicants will be notified by WNHAC staff of the approval or disapproval of their request as soon as a decision has been determined.

The Grant Committee will review proposals based on:

  • Eligible activity within the funding subcategories
  • Support for the objectives of the Wheeling National Heritage Area
  • Demonstrated commitment to partnerships
  • Innovative methods
  • Widespread and long term benefits to the community

Eligible Applicants

WNHAC encourages neighborhood groups, community organizations, local institutions, public entities, and private enterprises to apply for the Partnership Grant Program funds.  Joint ventures and public/private partnerships are encouraged.  Applicants need not have nonprofit 501(c)(3) status.  However, applicants must demonstrate that they have the capacity to administer responsibly and account for funds.

Eligible Activities/Categories

Interpretation, conservation, education and economic development are activities eligible for the Partnership Grant Program.  Projects involving these activities should relate to the following funding subcategories: The River and the Land, Transportation, The Union, Commerce and Industry, The Landscape of Culture, and Cultural Resources.

Ineligible Activities

The proposal of projects and activities meeting the suggested broad perimeters is limited only by the  applicant.  WNHAC does not wish to predefine projects.  However, proposals cannot request funds for the following:

  • Payments for previous activities
  • Reduction of existing debt
  • Purchase of buildings
  • Support of existing staff

Applicant Match

The Partnership Grant Program will fund 75% of direct project costs. The applicant can provide its matching share either in dollars or in-kind services, which are necessary and reasonable for the proper and efficient accomplishment of the project.

Technical Assistance

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the WNHAC office prior to submitting a proposal in order to receive guidance and answers to any questions. Technical assistance may be available to applicants depending upon the request.

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