The Next Chapter

Church Restoration Rendering

OVYP and WNHAC plan on turning the building into a community arts center that will host local theater, community choirs, art and music education, and live music. The main floor, or sanctuary, has an open feel and retains much of the building’s original character, making it ideal for performance art and gallery space. The center would not seek to compete with existing organizations; rather, it will fill gaps in the Wheeling community’s art needs.

Photo Credit: Liz Paulhus

Photo Credit: Liz Paulhus

The basement of the church would be used as instructional space where volunteers from the community or art center staff could teach different art forms and crafts (e.g. pottery, painting, knitting, stained glass, and guitar). The kitchen would be used to introduce people to the culinary arts through cooking classes. It potentially could also be operated as a community kitchen incubator for start-up food-related businesses.


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